Pregnancy Reporter Widget

Hi All,

I am going to present one of the latest apps that we have created for pregnancy reports at Drift Wood Apps.

This is a great widget that could help you in your period of pregnancy.

You can easily track your baby’s growth week by week. Hence, this becomes really handy app.

pregnancy tracker

There are options that will present a list of information about your baby. You will have all the information at your fingertips.

You will also be presented with some of the vital information that could really help you in the future.

Some of the changes the baby may be experiencing, along with stats about the baby’s size, weight, trimester, etc. You would be able to track all these things.

Anyone can use this app to track a pregnancy and hence, they could really help the pregnant mother.

Even the pregnant mother would be able to add all the information and share the same with anyone they like.

If you are an android user, you can download this app.

Download From Google Play Store


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